That Red Pin:

As a warning, and because I’m not alone in this opinion — I’m removing people who use the “pin”. I do enjoy your blog, but find those unfairly insistive & unnecessary. 

Just sent that to an otherwise great blog and thought I’d repeat it here. Hopefully it will get a better reaction than a POLITE anon (not me) who mentioned this to another tumblr I reluctantly unfollowed last week. Her pointlessly nasty response to the anon made me even more confident that the pin was a sign of arrogance. Although, it’s your blog, you can do as you like naturally, but followers don’t have to take it and you have to consider your methods among your goal.

What would be great is if WE had a pin to bookmark things or better ways to categorize favorites; that’s not a demand, only a suggestion to Tumblr.


Welcome to the inside of my head.